Advocacy & Clubs

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who support cycling and the Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festival. We would especially like to thank the following clubs:


Ozark Off Road Cyclists (OORC)

This group originated the Fatty Fest and still show up to kick butt in Eureka when the time comes. If you have ridden a single track in NWA, most likely an OORC member had something to do with it. A great group of guys and gals. Visit them at


Friends at Slaughter Pen Trails (FAST)

Not just friends of Slaughter Pen, these guys have showed up to help at the Fatty Fest for years now. Another great group of advocates who have helped inspire the most recent and prolific addition to NWA trails in the past decade. Visit them at

Eureka Springs Soccer Club

This year the Eureka Springs Soccer Club will provide assistance to the Festival with Vending and Parking. We will be raising money via donations, raffles, and auctions throughout the weekend to assist the club and it’s needs. Thanks so much.





Kids Bike Arkansas

This year Kids Bike Arkansas will be helping us organize our children’s competitive and non-competitive events and the kids rodeo. Thanks to everyone from this organization who is taking part