Kid's Rodeo Local Flavor

Kids Events

All children’s parents must register children and sign a consent form and waiver before children are allowed to participate in any kids events.


Kid’s Short Track Challenge

Friday, 17th / 7:30

Lake Leatherwood City Park Ball Field Complex

½-1mile / 10 minutes

This challenge is awesome. One or two laps around a half mile loop. The new course will be comprised of pavement primarily and some grass, and light duty trail or fire road. Three different age groups: 6 and under, 7-8 and 9-10. Different age groups will tackle different courses. This is always one of the highlights of the kids’ events. Awards presented for all the kids. Awards immediately follow the event.


Leatherwood Kid’s Fun Ride

Saturday, 18th / 10am

Lake Leatherwood Ball Fields / Adventure Subaru Kid’s Tent

½ -6 miles / 1-2 hours

Bring any child to this ride. The Ball field complex offers a ½ mile paved trail for tykes and first time riders that is smooth, easy riding with no hills. This ride will also put kids in the general vicinity of the Downhill finish line, skills course and Adventure Subaru Hospitality Tents offering a great morning of fun on and off the bike. After a lap at the fields to make sure all bikes (and children) are prepared for the trip, a local guide will take the kids down the Leatherwood Trail. This 1 mile trail is also very level with only 20 feet of elevation gain and loss. The ride will travel to the main park complex where there will be a turn-around point and a new option. The ride will offer a side ride up Mulladay Hollow this year, a nice flat ride through one of the CCC tunnels to a historic spring box; 1 mile round trip. Another option for returning is offered at this point. For those wanting a little more challenge and distance the ride will then take the Beecham Trail an additional 1.5 miles (a dirt road with some short hills) to the Dam where we will ride across and return via the same route. Total mileage from start to finish for complete ride is 6 miles. Parents or guardians are encouraged to accompany riders under the age of 10.

Saturday, 18th / 11am

Skills Course Opens

Lake Leatherwood Ball Fields / Adventure Subaru Kid’s Tent

This is where the fun will be. The Adventure Subaru Kid’s tent will offer fun for kids of all ages. The Skills Course will be a collection of routes on wooden manmade features. Imagine a little free-ride park for kids. Most all of these features will be ground level and offer kids the chance to get comfortable rolling over curb size, ladder bridges, and ramps in a grassy obstacle free environment. Great fun and super for skills. The course will be open 11am-7pm.


Kid’s Rodeo

Sunday 19th / 10am

Lake Leatherwood Ball Fields / Adventure Subaru Kid’s Tent Everyone will have a ball at the Rodeo. First off all registrants will get a giant Fatty Fest Grab bag full of super kids’ stuff. The event will also be host to tons free swag and food. On the slate of activities are:

  • Skills Courses: These are designed to help kids get a grip on the basics of riding including negotiating natural and man-made obstacles. Both are chaperoned.
  • Barrel Races: This is the classic rodeo challenge adapted to bicycles.  They help kids get used to stop and go shifting and breaking.
  • Slalom These include big and tight slalom courses. Great for balance and control.
  • Awards: Every kid gets accomplishment award and 3 deep medals for all time events.
  • Food and Fun: On sight will be water, beverages, munchies and free lunch.

Kid’s XC Challenge

12 noon/ Sunday, 19th  

Lake Leatherwood Ball Fields / Adventure Subaru Kid’s Tent

¼-1 mile / 5-15 minutes

This non-sanctioned event is one of the final events of the weekend. Saving the best for last, this ride offers three classes. 6-under, 7-8, and 9-10. This event is a quick cruise around the paved path at the ball fields with a little twist this year. Some of the Challenge Course elements will be incorporated! Big crowds and big howls. Never a dull moment. Awards immediately following the event. All kids get awards.